Sunday, 18 May 2014

Oh dear what I have I done!

I haven't posted much since going back to work, bu I wanted to show a few people my latest purchase, its a very VERY poorly Juno 106. It was £225 on e-bay and this is what the text with it said
I bought this a little while back on Ebay as a restoration project, but I have since got hold of another one, so have decided to sell this one on. When I bought this there was almost no information on it's condition, other than that it had be stored in a garage for a few years and had started to show signs of rust on the casing, it wasn't powering up either to be able to test. 

I won this and had it sent direct to Synth Repair Services in Stoke-On-Trent, where I send all of my kit for service or repair. The guys at SRS fixed the power and opened and tested the machine for operation. They ran a 'soak test' and determined that only 3 of the 6 voice chips work. They also stated that there is no guarantee on how those 3 would last and recommended replacing the complete set of VCF/VCA & Waveform Convertor Chips.

Here is a run down of what was recommended and required to bring this back to full working order:
1no. New Set of VCF/VCA and Waveform Convertor Chips New Bender Wheel
1no. New Battery
2no. New Slider Knobs
1no. New IEC Mains Inlet (power is currently working, or was when last switched on for test - but it is strongly recommended to replace this - as with the other items mentioned above)
1no. Replacement Front Panel - Original (optional ) "

So I have got my work cut out then.The work order will be  
  1. Service the power supply before ANYTHING else. If its dodgy it could wreck the synth.
  2. Turn it on and make a list of what does and doesn't work
  3. Take LOADS of photos of the inside.
  4. Strip it down to parts
  5. Remove contaminants from the PCBs
  6. Get the case shot blasted, and powder coated white.
  7. .... I dunno lets see whats wrong with it first :-)

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