Monday, 5 August 2013

Rejuvenating and Expanding a PAiA 1550 Stringz’n'Thingz Synthesizer

Back in the 70's most us could only dream of owning a polyphonic synthesizer that brought such wondrous sounds from the fingers of our keyboard heroes.
Prices were way out of our league and the only option we had was to build one ourselves, often from a kit or magazine article.
One such kit manufacturer is PAiA, who are still going strong, but to be honest their products were at best a compromise for most people.
Years later these old devices are popping up at bargain prices on e-bay, and this article, which I found via Hack A Day details how StefanV bought one at a bargain price and refurbished it into the 21st century.
Go to for full details of the project.
[Via Hackaday]

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