Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Make: BeagleBone Black Has Arrived

A new version of the BeagleBone is available, and from the name, Black, you might be forgiven for thinking that its got carbon fibre components, low profile wheels and it's weight has been reduced by getting rid of all unnecessary luxuries (Car joke BTW).
But no, all this has lost is the ability to reflect colored light, and replaced them with some stunning new features
  • The CPU runs at1GHz, up from the original’s 720MHz.
  • RAM doubled to 512MB.
  • Connection to an HDMI monitor through the on-board MicroHDMI port.
  • 2GB of on-board flash memory, which will be loaded with the Ångström Linux. You can overwrite this, and still get the micro-sd option.
  • The OS has been upgraded to Linux Kernel 3.8 and included upgrades to Java and the disk software.
This is all very good, I have been keeping the best until last, which is the price has dropped to $45 bringing it into direct competition with the Raspberry PI. And with that on-board OS Flash I think it might have just crept into the lead.

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