Saturday, 19 January 2013

Recreating the sounds of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop using the Web Audio API

The BBC Radiophic workshop was without doubt one of the cradles of electronic music in this country during the 1960s and are remembered by many as the studio that brought us the original Dr Who theme tune.
It started as an almost academic exercise in making music from custom built electronic devices. Some of these were built from scratch and others put together using modified existing kit.
There is plenty of information on the web about these pioneers, notably Tristram Carey and Dapheny Oram, and the equipment that they used, but the BBC have just gone one better.
Using the newly defined Web Audio API they have created working demos of how they created their sound sound effects, used tape loops, a ring modulator (Dalek Voice) and their own unique wobbulator.
Click here  to find out more and try them for yourself.

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