Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Observer: Everyone wants a slice of Raspberry Pi

"The £25 programmable computer invented by British scientists has turned into a global sensation. Will it encourage kids to teach themselves code, or just end up in the hands of nerds?"
This is the question asked by the UK newspaper "the observer"  a good six months after the product became available to the public.
I found the article a little patronizing. The journalist doesn't show any real understanding, but that might be deliberate and it wanders through the normal middle England misconceptions and misunderstandings that seem to come with anything technical.
How many time have you come across people that think just because they can't understand something it must be really hard? If you try to explain its not that hard and the real problem is with the then you become labelled Nerd or Geek. I am happy with that, rather a Geek than an ignoramus.
If you found it via this website then there probably wont be anything new, but see what other people think about the PI at

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