Sunday, 28 October 2012

Welcome to, the online world of Stephen Rainsbury

Welcome to, a seemingly random collection of technological curiosities and trinkets, gathered over many years through my jobs, hobbies and interests.
I have worked as an Electronic Systems Design Engineer, Software Engineer, Embedded Systems Design Engineer, IT Support Technician and Physics Teacher
Through out all of this I have been a Scout Leader and still somehow had time to be married for over 33 years and managed to contribute in some small part to raising three kids to adult hood.
My interests have included building electronic devices, including synthesizers, space, rocketry, Sci-Fi (Love StarWars), astronomy, archery, robots (was in a Robot Wars team), and underlining all of these computers.
Over the years I have created and maintained a number of websites  to support these interests and produced countless documents and books, which until now only existed together on my hard drive
This site brings the best bits into one place, partially for you, and partially to make me organize them into some kind of order

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