Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Molecule Synth

From :"The MOLECULE SYNTH is a unique musical instrument.  It is like a traditional keyboard synthesizer that has been broken into its elements:  speaker/amp, sound generator, and pitch control.  With the MOLECULE SYNTH SET you decide how to put those elements back together using simple, color-coded, interchangeable hexagons.  The MOLECULE SYNTH combines LEGO-like interchangeability with Synthesizers with Physical Electronics."
I can see the nerd appeal, and would love to play with one, but is it actually any more flexible than a reasonably well appointed mini-synth like the Sound Lab by  Music From Outer Space? I would love to find out.
This is a very interesting project, but I hope that nobody thinks it inspired the Micro-Modular system that I am working on and will be publishing as an e-book next year.

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