Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The MagPi

The MagPi (MAGazine for PI) is a free monthly magazine written by members of the PI foundation, and enthusiasts, for other enthusiasts. 
I really like the Raspberry PI articles in commercial magazines such as Linux User and Developer, but these are just as good, with the added benefit of the price, I would pay money for this.
Issue 5 is now available from
This issue includes
  • 04 STEADY HANDS -Are your hands steady enough to beat the Pi? by Mike Cook
  • 07 ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORINGTrack temperature fluctuations. by Duncan Rowland.
  • 10 WHAT'S ON GUIDE & COMPETITION -Find out where Raspberry Jams' are happening and win a starter kit
  • 12 XBMC: Raspbmc and OpenELEC - Get to grips with your media centre setup. by Colin Deady
  • 16 SQUEEZE VS WHEEZY - Improvements and changes. by Jaseman
  • 18 COMMAND LINE CLINIC - Learn how to backup important data. by Bobby (bredman) Redmond
  • 20 C CAVE - Functions, pointer and text file encryption. by W. H. Bel l & D. Shepley
  • 24 THE SCRATCH PATCH - Program your own Simon says game. by Anti loquax
  • 26 48HR RASPITHON - Ben, Luke, Ryan and Edward recount their python chal lenge.
  • 27 THE PYTHON PIT - Gradient fills, and using maths to plot points of a circle, by Jaseman
Note: Issue one contains explains how the Pi came by its name, the original design was much simpler, a simple microcontroller which would boot straight into a Python Interpreter, thus PI. It was only after the project was already underway and system on a chip devices became available, that the design changed to a fully fledged Linux system

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