Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Slashdot : Why One Person Thinks Raspberry Pi Is Unsuitable For Education

I just found an article on Slashdot knocking the wonderful Raspberry PI

"Raspberry Pi was designed for education. As any popular product is bound to, Raspberry Pi has been criticized a lot for things like lack of a box, absence of supplied charger or even WiFi. Raspberry Pi has a much more fundamental flaw, which directly conflicts with its original goal: it is a black box tightly sealed with patents and protected by corporations. It isn't even remotely an open platform."

To be honest I don't really care if its full open source or not. It runs Linux, you can get to the source, modify it and to that's probably as far as I am ever going to want to go. I can't see that I will ever want to write a device driver or spend hours tracing a fault, and I suspect that 99% of Pi users will be the same.
To say that you would not buy one because it isn't open source is just like saying that you wouldn't but a new car, no matter how good the price, if the Haynes manual wasn't available.
Quibbling about details like that is missing the point, the Pi is cheap, very cheap, it does exactly what it claims, its fun to use and yes, kids are buying them and learning how to programme them. But come to that so are thousands of adults. And that's a good thing.

If you have never visited Slashdot then do your self a favor and have a look. It's a forum/blog/news site dealing with IT/Science/Technology issues from the everyday to the bizarre and is definitely worth a look every few days.

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