Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Raspberry Pi and Lego again

Not the prettiest of all Pi enclosures, but getting on for one of the most interesting.
It has space for four Pis in Adafruit cases and a netgear router all held together in one case. 
I am planning o cluster mine, in which case (pun!) I am going to have to think about something similar, but I don't want to use up my precious lego!
I will probably end up using an old 19" rack that I have spare, and mounting each Pi on a piece of 6" x 4" perspex along with a cheap USB hub and a 9V Regulator so that I can power them both from a single 9V DC supply.
But that's a long way away after I have finished the modular synthesizer, the drone etc....

For full details of this superb project go to  Modular rack for four Raspberry Pis in PCSL/Adafruit case + USB hdd + switch

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