Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nutjob attempts to extort $35 computer from non-profit foundation

Some electronics companies will, occasionally, send free samples of their products to legitimate customers and help them develop their own products. Most recently Microchip sent me samples of an updated PIC to try in a data logger project I am developing for magazine, it worked and as a result I have been able to increase the sampling rate without having to redesign my PCB.
Microchip know me, they know the magazine and they know that if the project is published it will probably lead to around 250 sales. This is small beer to a large company like that, but each of those 250 sales is potentially a new customer, and more importantly it is probably one less sale to a competitor.
This system has worked well for years, but some people will always try to abuse it, take for example this Muppet who was trying to blag a free Raspberry Pi. He had no credentials, no business plan, and would not take no for an answer.
His pitch is unbelievable, he starts off as an obvious chancer trying to save a few quid, and doesn't like being politely told no. He gets more and more irritating, to the point where if it were a face to face conversation you would be looking for a cricket bat to re-adjust his sense of reality.
But he doesn't stop there, the next card he plays is being Jewish, which reminded me of the Ali-G phrase "Is it because I is black".
Go to the Raspberry Pi blog for the details of the on-line conversation he had with Eben Upton the director of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, but be prepared to get annoyed with him very fast.

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