Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Noise Toaster - Music from Outer Space's new Lo-Fi wonder unit.

New from Music From Outer Space, is the Noise Toaster, the second device in their Lo-Fi series.
The complete kit of electronic parts, not including faceplate or cabinet is £125 plus P&P from the US, which might sound a Tad expensive, but its from MFOS so the kits will be good quality and relatively easy to put together.

Would I buy one?

At first this seemed like a slight odd unit, the VCOs are not stable enough to play tunes and th VCA is extremely limited, however it can produce a vast majority of the "Spacerock" effects that I really love.

There are no fiddly patch leads so I could re-program it much faster than my modular, if fact I wouldn't mind betting that two of them, with my SH-101, could replace the modular that I use for most live work.
If I were to do this, and if you are reading this dearest I am not planning to spend any money, I would probably rack them on a single 4U 19" panel with a few modifications:
  • The LFO would need to have Ramp and Sawtooth wave forms.
  • I would add a joystick for one of the toasters. The Y-Axis would control the VCO frequency, and X-Xis would be switchable from either the VCF cuttoff of the LFO rate.
The output from these two would be mixable on the panel and fed through a delay device capable of flanging or reverb, in fact the more I think about it ... :-)

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